Custom Boats

Alnmaritec’s Custom Boat service allows you to take any one of our five existing hull shapes and customise it to fit your own specification. You tell us what you need and we deliver the solution. Our 20 years’ experience of boatbuilding means we can incorporate the elements you require in the most efficient way possible, resulting in a unique yet cost-effective boat, designed around what you need it to do.

Platform Solutions

Wave Survey 2600

This survey vessel uses the Windfarm 2600 craft as its base, with a modified cabin arrangement to meet the customer’s particular specification.
Acquaculture 1600

Acquaculture 1600

Used for the maintenance and harvesting of offshore mussel beds. We used the standard 1600 Logistics craft hull, moving the cabin aft and adding auxiliary power to drive additional hydraulics and davits, allowing easy harvesting and maintenance of the beds.

Ambulance 1200

Based on the Wave Handler 1200. The client had very specific requirements in terms of space and the equipment they needed to store on board. Hence, the ambulance was fitted with an extended, air-conditioned cabin, designed to house a stretcher, medical equipment and crew.

Dive 1200

Again, based on the Wave handler 1200. The client needed an extended cabin with air conditioning and dive panels in order to undertake diving operations in a wide range of climates.