SWORDFISH - ALN 138 Delivered

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

SWORDFISH - ALN 138 Delivered

Delivered to Aircraft Carrier Alliance

Alnmaritec have recently completed the build and sea trials of the first of four Passenger Transfer Boats for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, destined for service in the Royal Navy, on board HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The vessel was handed over to Gary Kerrigan of the Aircraft Alliance Group, who has the responsibility for delivering these assets to the Royal Navy.

Alnmaritec Hull number 138, PTB SWORDFISH, will be 1 of 3 boats to be carried by the Aircraft Carrier when out on operations, this will facilitate the transfer of the Crew ashore, if the Port she is visiting is too small for her to enter.

Housed just below the flight deck, the PTB will be davit launched and incorporate a new Henriksen Hook design, which saves a substantial amount of weight in the vessel and offers increased safety during launch and recovery operations.

Completion of these boats sees Alnmaritec reach yet another milestone, as Managing Director Mark Gulesserian explains, “With the parameters of the Aircraft Carrier pre-determined and the davits already in place, Alnmaritec were tasked with supplying a vessel that could deliver exceptional performance with a full complement of passengers within the pre-defined constraints of size and weight.

Alnmaritec have exceeded the minimum performance criteria of the Vessel, thereby highlighting our design and build capability.”

13m in length, she carries 36 passengers, has a set of heads and space on the aft deck, for stores.  All external masts and radar domes can be automatically lowered via controls on the coxswain’s console to enable her to fit into the vessel’s davit.  She is powered via two Cummins QSC engines coupled to twin Ultrajet 377’s.

Three further vessels are scheduled to be delivered by the end of April 2017.