ALN 172 ‘FURGO Wave 600’

ALN 172 ‘FURGO Wave 600’
Alnmaritec Wave 600

LOA 5.80m   Overall Beam 2.3m
Draft 0.175m
Disp't (light) 1.5 tonnes
Main Machinery Outboard engine with option for generator & air conditioning

The Wave 600 was designed specifically to operate in shallow water, undertaking survey in depths of less than 1m. She has a removable cabin roof and offers a multi role capability, with her aluminium hulls filled with foam, offering high durability and almost unsinkable qualities.  The pontoon hulls are further protected with low friction runners to allow the boat to be dragged over a shore if required.  Her size and design has been specific, so that she fits into a 20 foot container, or on a trailer for easy transportation.  With the cabin roof on she has space for a 19” rack to house survey equipment, there is also the ability to install air conditioning and a generator.

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