Alnmaritec has a twenty year pedigree in delivering boats worldwide and continues to supply vessels providing long service in hazardous environments from the pole to the equator. 

With the needs of our customers increasing at Alnmaritec we realise that it is no longer enough to just be a boat builder.  Providing work boats for tough environments will always be in our DNA but our services alongside offer so much more.  Today it is about providing a solution.

Your requirements maybe fulfilled by one of our standard hulls that range from 10m to 26m offering highly stable platforms for a multitude of roles.  Or you just need something that does not exist.  In these cases our bespoke road map can take you from idea to launch delivering what you need when you need it.

What makes Alnmaritec special is that we can provide you with the services alongside your vessel requirements.  These include in life maintenance anywhere in the world, bareboat charter options with replacement boat option and what we describe as procurement integration services.

Procurement integration allows you to outline your solution and utilising Alnmaritec’s knowledge experience ensure your requirements are met at the standards you require. We can integrate and embed our documentation, project management and quality assurance skills within your organisation to ensure you receive your information when you need it and in the manner you require it.

Alnmaritec will never stop developing it services and products to ensure it is always more than a boat builder.